Keep It Clean Please

Few months back we've been notified that this very site has a spam page on it. To our embarrassment, it turned out that we failed to remove the page infected by spammers months ago. This kind of issue is common; you patch your blog or upgrade to latest but spammed content still hanging around. Even worse, sometimes spammed page can be actively used to spam other sites to get better Google rankings.

So we ask you please go through this simple checklist to make sure you not a victim and your site is clean.

(The paths are for current version and if you using older may slightly differ)

  • Go to /admin/#/security/users and make sure you don't have someone unknown in the list
  • Go to /admin/#/content/blogs and make sure all blogs are valid (for most, there will be just "Primary")
  • Go to /admin/#/content/pages and make sure they all added by you
  • Browse through pages to make sure you don't have any spam in the content
  • Run a search on your site looking for "display:none". Often spammers try to hide links in the content so you can catch those.

Please notice that current version does not have any known security issues and this is purely clean up action. As always, if you have any concerns please post them on discussion board.

Thank you!

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