BlogEngine.NET 3.2 Released

This Christmas weekend we released BlogEngine.NET version 3.2. It's been a while since last update and this new version delivers massive refresh across the line - user experience, code refactoring, SEO improvements, bug fixes and more.

  • You can upgrade to latest from dashboard if you running BE 3.0 and up
  • Or download pre-compiled build from the project site at Codeplex
  • Source code available on GitHub - always welcome to download, fork and report bugs

If you have any questions, suggestions regarding new UI or just want to say "thank you" please head straight towards Francis site who put a lot of efforts to make design modern, fully responsive and beautiful. You should have no problem administering your blog from tablet or even phone without installing any 3rd party applications.

Please use discussions board on Codeplex if you run into any issues.

Marry Christmas and Happy Blogging!

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  • Franco

    12/27/2015 8:31:56 PM |

    Perfect! Gives me something useful to do during my time off. Thanks!

  • Fırat

    12/28/2015 11:25:50 AM |

    What about trust level? Smile


      12/28/2015 3:36:20 PM |

      Some dependent .net 4+ assemblies do not support medium trust for security reasons. We can't change this...

  • Amit Joshi

    12/28/2015 4:28:14 PM |

    well done.

  • Kazım

    12/28/2015 7:42:11 PM |

    Hey! Very nice work. Thank you.

  • Usman Farooq

    12/30/2015 11:28:50 PM |

    Its happy to hear that this project is alive. I am very glad to see a new version with New Year Smile

  • bbqpit

    12/31/2015 4:43:20 PM |

    Hi. Thanks you all a lot for your famous work all the times!!!
    Now to my troubles...
    The automatic upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1.1 worked well. but now, when I try to upgrade with the button on dashboard page to 3.2.0, i get a server error "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied."
    On the other side, when i checked the permissions in the tools section, all was green/ok. What is wrong?
    Thanks for any hints... and a happy new year to all!

  • John Bolt

    1/8/2016 5:35:44 AM |

    It seems as if there is not a "Users" tab in administrator to create new users. I have looked at your demo (admin) and set mine with new patch stuff. Am I missing something?

  • Will

    1/11/2016 11:40:09 PM |

    Is there a changelog for version 3.2?  Would love to see a list of all the new features.

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