Theme Contest Winners

We have two winners from the 1st BlogEngine.NET theme contest.

1st Place Winner

JQ Mobile by Michael Baird (view live theme).  Michael is taking home the Xbox 360 with Kinect.

2nd Place Winner

Yoko by onesoft (view live theme).  Onesoft is taking home the Windows Phone 7.

View All Themes

There were 13 themes submitted in the contest, which can be seen here.  If you are looking for a BlogEngine.NET theme, be sure to view all the themes in the BlogEngine.NET Gallery.

Participant Appreciation

Thanks to all those who participated in the contest.  We hope to have another theme contest in the upcoming few months.

Contest Sponsorship

We'd like to thank Microsoft for sponsoring the BlogEngine.NET theme contest and for providing the awards for this contest. Check out the Microsoft WebsiteSpark program while you're here. 

WebsiteSpark empowers web pros to succeed. Get the tools and the resources to be successful on your terms, at no cost. Choose your tools, build cost effective websites faster, and plan for growth, when you become a member of WebsiteSpark.

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  • hamed

    12/1/2011 4:22:35 AM |

    Thanks to all those who participated in the contest.Intense competition!
    I hope to see powerful themes in next contest.

  • Blaise

    12/2/2011 12:33:20 PM |

    When will we have the next competition?

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