The 1st BlogEngine.NET Theme Contest!

We're ecstatic to announce the 1st BlogEngine.NET theme contest!  The contest runs from October 1st 2011 thru November 15th 2011.  From Novemeber 16th thru November 23rd, there will be a 1 week voting period where anyone can vote on the submitted themes.  There are 2 prizes which will be awarded to the top 2 winners.  The two prizes are an Xbox 360 with Kinect, and a Windows Phone 7!  The 1st place winner can choose which prize they would like, and the 2nd place winner receives the other prize.

Details & Rules

There are just a few rules and guidelines.

  • Themes must run on BlogEngine.NET 2.5.
  • Themes should be uploaded to the BlogEngine.NET Gallery or submitted here along with author info/description etc via contact form.
  • Only themes submitted between Oct 1st 2011 thru and including Nov 15th 2011 EST will be considered.
  • You can submit more than one theme.
  • You can only win one prize.  If you submit more than one theme and your themes are the #1 and #2 voted themes, the 2nd place prize will go to the next person with the highest number of votes.
  • Voting is per theme - not per submitter.  So if you submit 100 themes that each receive 1 vote, that's only 1 vote on each theme -- you do not receive 100 votes!
  • The 1st place winner chooses which of the 2 prizes they would like (Xbox 360 with Kinect or a Windows Phone 7).  The 2nd place winner receives the other prize.
  • Voting will be done by the user community.  Only 1 vote per IP address.  We reserve the right to reduce votes if any obvious fradulent voting appears to take place.
  • Voting is from November 16th thru November 23rd EST.  Votes before or after this voting period will not be counted.
  • Themes will be available to view and vote on on the BlogEngine.NET Gallery preview site (see below for more details).

What makes a good theme?

  • Original design is a big plus. Changing colors and layout on standard theme is nice but probably won’t get you any extra points. Porting theme from another platform is perfectly good, designing from scratch is outstanding.
  • Interesting new functionality is always welcome. If your theme has built-in features that let blogger do something cool that might push it ahead of competition.
  • Consistency and attention to details are qualities that separate professionals from amateurs. Simple theme done right usually makes better impression than busy theme with sloppy styles. When elements on the page stick out or look unfinished, this is usually not a good sign.
  • Good theme looks good all around, not just on the front page. Make sure you cover things like content form, archive, search results view etc. 
  • Widgets are not required but certainly nice to have.

All contest themes must run on BlogEngine 2.5 and will be available for preview at If you want to test theme locally before uploading here is sample data that used in the gallery.

Contest Sponsorship

We'd like to thank Microsoft for sponsoring the BlogEngine.NET theme contest and for providing the awards for the creators of the themes that get the most votes.  Check out the Microsoft WebsiteSpark program while you're here. 

WebsiteSpark empowers web pros to succeed. Get the tools and the resources to be successful on your terms, at no cost. Choose your tools, build cost effective websites faster, and plan for growth, when you become a member of WebsiteSpark.

Final Words

Be creative and have fun!

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  • Bobb2

    10/14/2011 12:24:48 AM |

    Very nice, I might try finally get my old design going having a bit extra motivation.

  • Tom

    10/14/2011 7:54:15 AM |

    Yeah sounds good, so going tp work.

  • Jonny

    10/18/2011 3:23:39 PM |

    This sounds like fun. It's been a while since I have skinned a site but I think I'll partake.

  • Jonny

    10/18/2011 3:27:41 PM |

    I want to suggest that it might be a bit confusing sorting through the themes which have been submitted for the contest and your trove of existing themes on Perhaps having a section for the theme contest? I am guessing that the existing themes are not part of the contest...just a guess.

    • Ruslan

      10/19/2011 11:18:14 AM |

      No worries, closer to voting time "showcase" section here will be replaced with "contest" section where contenders will be displayed and actual voting will take place.

  • Jonny

    10/18/2011 3:33:47 PM |

    Pretty cool.

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