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In case you haven't noticed, we have a showcase running for sites that use BlogEngine, and it's been a big hit with lots of people submitting great looking projects of all kinds. We constantly amazed at ingenuity and creativity people put in their work using BlogEngine in the ways we would never imagine. Some share their stories and findings and we thought it would be just wrong to keep it to ourselves, because it can help and inspire so many others. Below is one of those stories. If you did something cool with BlogEngine and want share it, let us know and we'll push all buttons we can to help you get noticed.



Hello, I would like to submit as a showcase site. I've been working on this for almost 2 years now. This is an amazing site allowing the Nat Corbeil promotion agency to interest both the public and the Medias about the represented artists.

I've made a lot of customization to BlogEngine.NET to achieve this, making sure everything stays HTML5. I’ve designed unique theme based on the corporate image. The business card and the liner are both exist and real. They symbolizes the VIP access of the artists to public and Medias. Even the MediaElementPlayer CSS matches the site. I’ve added controls. The Newsletter sends emails to an administrator for list additions. The collapsible Calendar refreshes every 5 minutes from a Google Calendar. The site contains press releases, biographies, press articles and private media sections. I use the Archive page as a press releases list page. The Services page tells more about the agency. The aim of the site is to allow finding information very easily. We send HTML versions of our releases to our 1900 Medias list, replacing players with corresponding pictures linking back to the press release on the site.

I’ve written so far 4 extensions. The first 3 are fired when the content is changing and they rebuild the HTML and place it in cache for a better performance.

MeClients allows to add an artist, its bio and press articles and to set the artist active or not. An inactive artist is collapsed in the […] below the pink artists list and its picture is not part of the above rotator. Hence, no coding is required to add an artist. Just set the information and upload the artist picture. When the project is over, the artist is inactivate to make more room for current projects.

MeClientPages associates posts and pages to the artist and can display or not the link in its section. So the artist picture is displayed with the content.

MePrivatePages makes a post or page private on the site by protecting it with a query string key (?key=r3t69z) and making it non-indexed by Google (see screen shot in Services section). We do this for press releases approval and private media sections in which we even distribute complete albums in streaming and download in both wavs and mp3 formats along with CD booklet and artist press pictures.

MeCollapser uses jQuery to automatically collapse long press articles. The page is first entirely rendered and the long articles are then collapsed. This makes the complete content indexed by Google.

MeLanguages allows switching between French and English. The choice is remembered in a cookie.

The site is hosted on a VPS server because every artist media is taking about 1 GB. This also allows the agency to set more RAM/CPU for periods such as an album release or an important artist TV apparition. We use Google Analytics for statistics. BlogEngine.NET made Nat Corbeil promotion agency paper and CD less and it made it real time. Thank you!

Jean-Pierre Fortin
Web Developer

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