New features and theme update

The next version of BlogEngine.NET is well on its way and many new features have already been added. We are releasing a roadmap soon for the 1.2 release, but before that, I’d like to give you a little update on the features already done.

New features

  • Extension model (how to write extensions for BlogEngine.NET 1.2)
  • Send attachments from contact page (can be turned off/on)
  • When adding a comment, a visitor can now be notified of future comments by mail
  • The archive adjusts depending on comments and ratings are enabled
  • Show only the post excerpt on the front page and other post lists (categories, search, tags etc.)
  • Intelligent error 404 page as described on A List Apart
  • Enforce, remove or ignore the www sub domain from settings
  • Theme previews
  • Timed auto saving of posts when in the editor (every 5 seconds)
  • A slug is added to posts so the URL doesn’t change when the title does
  • Added support for SSL on e-mail settings
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed and other small updates applied

Update your custom theme

Because of the new extension model that allows developers to write extensions that change the text of a post when it is served on a page, you will have to update your theme for the extensions to work. Your theme will not break without the change; you will simply not be able to make use of those kinds of extensions.

In the PostView.ascx control in your custom theme folder, you should replace

<%=Post.Content %>


<%=Body %>

Now there is absolutely no reason not to write cool extensions anymore. Go get the latest code on CodePlex and get going.

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  • Alpha

    7/30/2007 4:06:46 AM |

    Can I use WLW to write a blog?

  • Alpha

    7/30/2007 6:13:07 AM |

    I don't know how to config it.
    Can you write a blog to describe the details?

  • Ruchit S.

    7/30/2007 10:57:23 AM |

    Hi Alpha,

    I'm already using WLW and its working perfectly without any trouble. When you install WLW it shall start FirstTimeSetup wizard to help you configure WLW for your blog. A must use tool!

    Try it.
    Post ur comments in case of any queries.


    Ruchit S.


  • Alpha

    7/31/2007 5:29:07 AM |

    Thanks Mads.
    I have config it successfully.

    I like to use ScribeFire to write blogSmile.

    I have another suggestion,look my blog,the url is very disorder.Like
    Chinese is unrecognized code.I want a function is I can  add the url title when I publish.

  • Mads Kristensen

    7/31/2007 7:10:57 AM |

    Alpha, that is already done and can be downloaded in the latest source code from codeplex. It will be part of the next release

  • Alpha

    7/31/2007 9:55:48 AM |

    Oyeah..I'll waiting for the release version.
    Thanks Mads.

  • Jonas

    8/5/2007 1:28:40 AM |

    Don't you have to recompile to enable the extensions?  
    It would be nice if you could provide the settings interface from extension as well.  I saw that you defined a new setting in the blogsettings.cs and added a the configuration options in the admin interface as well.  

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