Expanding the BlogEngine.NET Team

Are you an enthusaistic individual who likes to voice your interests and get behind a cause to spread the word?

Already with tens of thousands of blogs running BlogEngine.NET, we are eager to take this well established blogging platform to the next level.  More bloggers, more themes, more widgets, more extensions, more backend blog providers -- you name it!

We are seeking one or more people to become a spokesperson for BlogEngine.NET.  Putting a face and voice onto our blogging platform.  No technical skills are required.  This is ideal for someone who has spare time and would like to have some fun promoting BlogEngine.NET.  BlogEngine.NET is an already known platform in the community and is a very technologically sound blogging application known for its speed, ease of use and its ability to extend and fully customize to match a blogger's personality.

The door is wide open for how you can promote BlogEngine.NET.  Whether it be blog posts, social networking sites, articles, podcasts, videos, a YouTube channel, community gatherings, books, tweets, guides, or any other outlet!  Turning up the community a notch or two, increasing the theme and code contributions and having more BlogEngine.NET bloggers including less techie bloggers are some of the goals we are looking to achieve.  As we have not yet made any pushes in this marketing realm, any type of ongoing promotional activities will make a big impact towards growing our beloved blogging platform which is ripe with loads of room for growth.

If you would like to jump onboard and see what you can do, please contact us.  We will entertain any ideas you have and really look forward to having some fun promoting BlogEngine.NET and seeing what types of promotional activities make an impact.

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  • zsk

    2/26/2012 10:23:03 AM |


  • milan

    2/26/2012 6:12:46 PM |

    Blogengine is really great product so promoting it will be relatively easy job. Best thing is to recruit someone who has lots of facebook friends and twitter followers and who will be willing to "spread the word" about blogengine...

  • sortins

    2/28/2012 9:41:28 PM |

    Posted your requirement on my twitter @sortinstech. All the best

  • Keith Fimreite

    3/7/2012 9:09:50 PM |

    I have converted BlogEngine.Net into a system for teachers to request instruments for schools / children who cannot afford them. Donors can then donate money and used instruments to schools in need. I am still a few weeks from finishing the site but BlogEngine.net has been a great base to create this project that will hopefully help a lot of kids get a music education.

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