Road Map

The BlogEngine.NET road map should give you a glimpse of future versions as they stand today.  It is a work in progress and we will make a post on the front page when this document has been updated.

Version 2.0 (2010)

  • Migrate to ASP.NET 3.5/IIS-7
  • Multiple blogs on single installation
  • jQuery/AJAX out of the box
  • Scalability improvements
  • SEO improvements
  • Better user and role management
  • Redesigned admin panel
  • Refactoring for better extensibility

Version 2.5 (June 2011)

  • Upgraded to .NET 4.0
  • Multiple Blogs in Single Installation
  • Razor Theme support (Razor theme included, "Garland-Revisited")
  • Converted Admin pages to Razor (Dashboard, Extensions, Themes)
  • Install Themes from the BlogEngine.NET Gallery while in the BlogEngine.NET control panel.
  • NuGet support.
  • New language resource files for Estonian and Polish, and other translations updated.
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.5.2.
  • Upgraded to latest version of tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor, v3.4.3.1.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements.

Version 2.6 (May 2012)

  • Complete gallery integration (handle all packages from admin UI)
  • Extend functionality of multiple blogs feature (site aggregation)
  • Built-in File Manager with Image Tools
  • Quick Notes

Version 2.7 (November 2012)

  • Added option to remove .aspx file extensions in URLs
  • Added option to turn JS and CSS optimization on/off
  • Improvements to user profile

Version 2.8 (April 2013)

  • New standard theme
  • Improvements to site aggregation
  • SQL Server provider works with Azure out of the box

Things we considering for future development

  • Improved logging (better UI, categories, search, size limit)
  • Responsive UI in admin - ready for tablet or phone
  • Web API - expose object model through API, replace most ASMX services used for Ajax calls
  • Backup - develop full backup / data backup features
  • Upgrade - built into dashboard, call service to pull any feature updates when available
  • Gallery validator - process to test gallery installs
  • Adaptive flexible theme layout modified by blogger via admin panel
  • Task manager - process to run scheduled tasks, like backups or messaging
  • Internal messages - communication channel to send messages between blog users
  • Communication across blogs - channel to communicate to other blogs if they part of the same community
  • Built-in analytics - dashboard should have charts and lists on real-time and basic summary usage
  • Simplify data layer by moving to EF with SQL CE as a default provider
  • Improve file manager - multiple uploads, create folders etc.
  • Sharing - public, unlisted, shared, private assets exposed over Web API