Here's a list of extensions that you can download and implement into your own BlogEngine.NET installation.  Thanks goes to Paul Tumelty for collecting this list and sharing with it us. You can also test-drive our new extension gallery.

Embedded Media Extensions

Navigational Extensions

Sydication/Social Bookmarking Extensions

  • FeedFlare Plugin - Something to do with FeedFlare (in Italian!)
  • DotNet Kicks Button - Submit a blog entry to DotNetKicks
  • SIOC Implementation for BlogEngine.Net - SIOC for BlogEngine.NET. SIOC (Semantically-Interconnected Online Communities) is an extension of RDF which goes beyond RSS in that it describes not only the content of a website, but the connections between site content, users on the site, and other websites.
  • Updated DotNetKicks Button - Enhanced DotNetKicks Extension
  • DZone badge which have a category you have designated to automatically receive a badge
  • Tweet this - Add a button to the bottom of each blog post which allows anyone to send a tweet
  • AddThis.NET - Adds social bookmarking buttons to your posts based on AddThis. A seperate DotnetKicks and DotnetShoutout button will be displayed, which can also be removed if you are no .net developer [new:5/28/2010]
  • Flattr Extension - Integrates the Flattr button within the BlogEngine.NET [new:9/10/2010] [v2]
  • Digg Digg - Another awesome addition to popular category of socal bookmarking [new:1/21/2011]

Statistical Extensions

Anti-Spam Extensions

Theme Widgets

  • Quote of the Day Widget - Widget enabling storage and display of Quotes of the Day
  • Stock Quotes Widget - Widget which enables Stock Quotes to be displayed on your blog
  • Digsby - IM and social networks widget
  • Movies For My Blog - Displays last 10 movies that have been watched on your netflix account
  • Poll Widget - Add polls to your blog [v2]
  • Twitter Feed - Widget to display the list of specific user's tweets [new:5/18/2010]
  • Twitter Search - Widget displays the results of a search as list of tweets [new:5/18/2010]
  • FlickrBar - Flickr photo stream, will query photo service and show result as list of pictures. Configurable through edit menu. [new:6/11/2010]
  • Buy me a beer - Add "buy me a beer" link [new:6/28/2010]
  • Twitter Quote - Shows one tweet, either the latest or random. [new:12/28/2010]

Hyperlink Extensions

  • Toolbox Extension - Allows you to build lists of resources which can easily be referenced via blog posts, or displayed in a list (This page is built using this!)
  • Wikipedia Plugin - Allows creation of links to terms in Wikipedia (site in Italian)
  • QuickLinks - Automatically create hyperlinks from keywords
  • QuickerLinks - Enhanced version of QuickLinks
  • Snap Links Extension - Provide thumbnail previews of Links
  • ShortLink Extension - Create shortcuts from small text snippets

Administration Extensions 

Input Extensions

Miscellaneous Extensions


You can find even more extensions at the BlogEngine.NET Extensions CodePlex site

If you have written an extension, then please contact us so we can add a link to it from this page.

You can also submit your extension at BlogEngine Theme site.