Feature table

This is a list of all the features of BlogEngine.NET

Current Version 2.5
License Ms-RL
Cost Free and open source
Server Requirements ASP.NET 4.0 or Mono
Mono support Yes
Localization Yes, support for 31 languages
Multilingual No
Multiply authors Yes
Static pages Yes. You can create pages not part of the blog chronology
Navigation Theme based and a sitemap provider for static pages
Alternate front page Yes. All pages can be the front page of the blog
Each author have own feed yes
New comment notification Yes. Either by RSS, ATOM or e-mail
Data Storage Provider based. XML or SQL Server, MySQL, VistaDB and many more
Post rating Yes. Visitors can rate the individual posts
Gravatar support Yes as well as MonsterID, Identicons and Wavatars
Tag cloud Yes
Post calendar Yes. AJAX enabled
Search posts Yes. Maybe the best blog search available
Search comments Yes. The search can include the comments as well as posts
User control injection Yes. Any user control (.ascx) can be added to a blog post
Contact form Yes
Comment moderation Yes. Can be turned on/off in the admin
Disable comments Yes. You can even disable comments after a given interval of time
E-mail attachments Yes. The contact form can send attachments
Post ordering Descending by date
Categories Multiple
Subcategories Yes
Tags Yes
Post Editor TinyMCE but others can be used
Draft Mode Yes
Auto save Yes
Microformats xFolk, Rel-Tag, VoteLinks, XFN, XOXO, rel-home, rel-directory, rel-enclosure
Other export formats FOAF, SIOC and APML
OpenSearch support Yes
Google sitemap Yes
HTTP compression Yes (optional)
Live comment preview Yes
Post API Support MetaWeblog (supports newMediaObject method
Post Moderation No
Syndication feeds RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0
Feedburner support Yes
OPML support Yes
Windows Live Writer Yes, extended support for both posts and pages
Ping services Yes. Pings various services and more can easily be added
Comments Yes
Comment Spam Invisible CAPTCHA and AJAX
Comment syndication Yes, as either RSS or ATOM
AJAX enabled comments Yes
Themes Yes (master pages and ascx files)
User Security Users and roles can be defined freely
Trackback Yes, both send and receive
Pingback Yes, both send and receive
RSS Aggregator The dynamic blogroll aggregates feeds
Forum No
Gallery No
Plugins/Extension Full extension model

Mobile device support

Yes, special theme for mobile devices
Referrer Logs Yes

BlogML and RSS

Search Engine Friendly URLs Yes
Cross-post No
Spell checker Yes (ieSpell)
XFN support in editor Yes
Password Protected Posts No
Blog By Email Not yet
API MetaWeblog, javascript API and full SOAP web service API
Tracking scripts You can change your tracking script from the admin. Works on all themes
HTML header tags You can add your own from the admin
File extension .aspx by default, but can be changed in the web.config
Development principles KISS and no third-party assemblies. Very small and clean architecture
Code syntax highlighting Yes. C#, Java, VB.NET, HTML, Javascript and T-SQL
User Community CodePlex
Documentation http://blogengine.codeplex.com/documentation
Sample Sites http://madskristensen.net/