BlogEngine.NET 2.6 Features & Notes

The following new features and changes are in version 2.6.

  • Full control panel integration of Themes, Extensions and Widgets with the BlogEngine.NET Gallery.
  • New QuickNotes feature to quickly jot down ideas that you can later publish as a new blog post.
  • Site Aggregation, New Multiple Blog feature.
  • New File System Provider allowing you to control the storage location of uploaded images/files.  3 providers included are the local file system provider, SQL Server database provider and UNC file system provider.
  • Graphical, web-based File Manager allowing you to upload and choose from existing uploaded files/images.
  • New Image Tools allowing you to Rotate, Flip, Crop, and Resize images (available from within the new File Manager).
  • Bundling and minifying JS and CSS folders with the new System.Web.Optimization bundling tools.
  • More text/label localization.
  • Numerous optimizations, fixes and improvements.

If you're upgrading from BlogEngine.NET version 2.5 or earlier, please take a minute to read these upgrade instructions.