BlogEngine.NET 3.3.5 Released

Today we are releasing BlogEngine.NET 3.3.5

Screenshot of BlogEngine.NET admin


BlogEngine.NET is an open source ASP.NET project that was born out of desire for a better blogging platform. We focused on simplicity, ease of use, extendibility and innovative design while taking advantage of the latest .NET features.

BlogEngine.NET is easily customizable. We have many downloadable themes, widgets, and extensions or you can make your own with some basic .NET skills. With BlogEngine.NET, it is easy to make your blog look and function exactly how you would like.

Our latest release combines cutting edge technologies with state of the art design, does not require database or complex setup and let you get your blog up and running in minutes. Hope you will enjoy using it as much as we do.

Happy blogging!


New release soon

BlogEngine.NET 1.2 has been downloaded almost 20.000 times since its release September 30th. That’s a lot of downloads and it shows that the 1.2 release is very popular. We’re very proud of that. When that is said, we acknowledge that there where some bugs in that release. Nothing major, but a lot of minor stuff. A lot of those issues have been fixed as of this writing. Christmas is c... [More]

Language pack for BlogEngine.NET 1.2

Language pack for BlogEngine.NET 1.2 released [More]

New CoffeeHouse theme

A new theme for BlogEngine.NET has been designed and is available for download. [More]

Preparing for next release

Since the release of version 1.2 two weeks ago, the BlogEngine.NET team have taken a small break. The weeks up to the release were a little chaotic so a break was needed, but now we are ready to move forward again. We’ll start to work on the roadmap and the feature set and then we start architecting and designing. It’s going to take some time because the 1.3 version will have a major ... [More]

Release of BlogEngine.NET 1.2

We are proud to present the newest version of BlogEngine.NET with many new exciting features. If you don’t care about the new features and just want to start using it then download it here. For the rest of you, here is a list of the most important new features introduced in BlogEngine.NET 1.2. BlogML import/export Extension model Code syntax highlighting ASP.NET SiteMap provider for... [More]

We will not release the next version

...until we have 30 languages, so please help translate BlogEngine.NET 1.2. We're already more than half way there. It's very easy and doesn't take more than 20 minutes. See here how to translate. We still need at least 4 languages including: Norwegian Icelandic Polish Hungarian Bulgarian Romanian Turkish Korean Klingon Latvian Lithuanian etc.